Frequently Asked Questions

Many of our customers have specific questions about our professional maid services. Here are just a few of the frequently asked questions we hear at Cleaning Company.

General Questions

Simply call us or request a cleaning date if interested in seeing how much it would be to book a cleaning with us. As you provide information about your house, office and schedule, your quote will dynamically adjust and someone will call or email you back with a proper estimate.

Absolutely not! We wouldn’t want pushy sales people coming to our house so we would never do that to you. You can get a quote and book your cleaning online. It takes about one minute.

Please get in touch with us right away and we’ll make arrangements to rectify the situation. We have a satisfaction guarantee that we stand by.

Yes - we love all kinds of pets! If your pet is aggressive in any way, however, we do recommend that you leave them outside or in a gated area to ensure the safety of our Experts.

If you will not be home when we arrive, please let us know how to appropriately handle cleaning around your pet..

While tips are not expected, our Experts are allowed to accept them.

Some of our clients prefer to tip a little at the end of each service, while others offer a large tip at the end of the year. Of course, any tip at any time is greatly appreciated.

Call our office if you wish to add a tip to your credit card payment.

Yes, we are a fully insured service company.

Did we miss a spot? Our services have a 24-Hour Warranty! If we don't clean something to your satisfaction, contact us within 24-Hours of your service and we will return to clean any unsatisfactory areas. If we are closed, you can leave a time-stamped message at (702) 383-7000 or and your 24-Hour Warranty will be honored.

Please note that a "re-do" service must be scheduled to occur within 2-days of your initial service.

We require a 24-Hour notice of cancellation.

Because we reserve a time especially for you, please make any schedule changes by 5PM the day before service to avoid incurring a $75 late cancellation fee.


So BEST ASEO honors a 10% military, first responders and Senior Citizen discount for their honorable services. We ask that an ID be required at the time of service to apply this special discount..

Scheduling Questions

we don’t guarantee same-day bookings. But, depending on the day, we can often meet this requirement.

It’s completely up to you. If you’re not going to be home, make sure you let us know how to access your house by putting the information in your customer dashboard.

Yes, most of the time. However, we allow a one-hour window due to traffic and weather circumstances. In scenarios where your cleaner will be late, you will be contacted to let you know the ETA.

You are not charged until after the cleaning has been completed. Payment is due day of service and will incur a late charge of $100.00 if not received within 24 hours plus an additional 2% a day or $200 whichever comes first.

No, you can cancel service anytime without any penalties. You don’t have to commit to any contracts or pre-determined number of appointments.

Cleaning Questions

Here’s a listing of what gets cleaned in every room of your house during a standard cleaning. You can also request extra items via your customer dashboard.

Yes, We use and provide environmentally friendly supplies and nearly all equipment required for cleaning your House or Office. However if you have special requests or special products you would like us to use, we are flexable around that.

Please make sure they are left out in clear view for our cleaning experts and accompanied by directions on their use.

We offer a range of services from weekly cleaning to one-time cleaning to move-in and move-out cleaning. You can see the different services by visiting the front page and clicking on the “Services” button halfway down the page.

BEST ASEO Experts may send one, two, or three team members to clean a home or office. Our goal is to customize the cleaning to meet our client’s needs and also provide our team members with the greatest opportunities for career advancement. We will work with you so that you know how many people will be in your home. We respect that your home is private, and the trust you place in us by inviting us into your home.

Absolutely. The cleaners go through a screening process that includes a police background check, reference checks and in-person interviews. We also require significant experience in residential house cleaning to work with us.