Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning

BEST ASEO Cleaning Experts specialize in providing a service that not only makes your home or office look better but FEEL better.

The feeling one experiences after having their windows professionally cleaned for the first time is truly inexplicable. The brilliant shine, the mirror-like reflection, the flood of natural light. All of these elements contribute to the awe-like effect one experiences when gazing though what was previously described as a window. But now, your windows are most than just that. They are a breath of fresh air, a reflection of the newfound confidence, contentment, and relief.

BEST ASEO Cleaning Experts were founded in 2011 with the mission of providing clarity for homeowners across Las Vegas. Founder, Maura Bazurto sought to provide this clarity by creating an fun and fresh alternative to the seemingly laborious and tedious task of cleaning your homes or office windows. 

Have You Looked Through Your Windows Lately…

Admittedly, maintaining the cleanliness of your windows is perhaps one of the most put-off or overlooked chores in preventative home or office  maintenance. This may seem strange given that your windows are the only source of natural light coming into your home & office. If you are reading this take a moment and go pull up your blinds. Look through your window. You may have never taken the opportunity to do so. Besides, we have so many other things to worry about right? Kids, daily chores, your PHONE…The list goes on and on…

Routine window cleaning is important for many reasons, most of which are overlooked, just as the cleanliness of your windows are. Window cleaning, just as pressure washing and gutter cleaning, is a primary preventative maintenance service that should be done at least once a year, often times more often depending on tree coverage and climate.


  1. Prevent Hardwater Staining: Do your windows have the beginning stages or perhaps advanced water stains? It may be hard to tell if your windows are really dirty. Hard water stains form when mineral deposits start to accumulate and stick to the surface of your windows. These minerals come from rain, sprinklers, dust, landscaping, etc. Over time these mineral deposits “dig” into the surface of your glass. Once this occurs, the deposit becomes a stain as the minerals permanently etch the surface of the glass. If the stains are left untreated, a restoration service is required which can often be more expensive than a brand new window. Routine cleaning removes these minerals and preserves the integrity of your window.

  2. Prolong Life of Your Windows: Aside from eliminating hard water build-up, routine window cleaning prolong the life of your windows by preserving the integrity of your windows sills, frames, and tracks. By keeping these surfaces clear of dirt and grime, the sills and tracks remain it good working condition as opposed to the breakdown that occurs when dirt gets into the nooks and crannies of your windows. Clean tracks keep your windows properly opening and closing. Clean seals ensure that the insulating gases in your windows remain inside keeping your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Besides, no one likes a a foggy window!

  3. Allow More Natural Light Into Your Home: Clean windows equals pristine, clear views allowing more light in, making your home look and feel better. After all, natural light makes your home feel more inviting and actually makes you feel better! Imagine how dreary you would feel if you lived in a cave. Sure, thats a little extreme, but you get the point.

Bonus: Increase Curb Appeal & Feel Good About Your Home!

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