Apartment Cleaning

Apartment Cleaning

BEST ASEO Cleaning Experts offers apartment cleaning and loft and condo cleaning service to Las Vegas Residents that range from weekly cleanings to a one-time clean, a monthly clean, or every two weeks.

We prefer to meet each one of our clients in a one-on-one interview and schedule a walk through of your apartment or loft space, ask questions, and discuss how to best meet your cleaning needs. Do you have a demanding work week and want your weekends for leisure instead of cleaning? Maybe you love to entertain and knowing your housecleaning is taken care of takes the load off of you, and leaves you time to prepare for guests and enjoy their visit. Or maybe you don’t enjoy cleaning, or just plain don’t know how to clean. That’s ok! BEST ASEO Cleaning Experts can help!

We take detailed notes about your personal preferences, how to clean special surfaces in your home, and how to make sure we get all pet hair out of the furniture and carpet. We provide a customized cleaning plan to help you stay within budget and tackle the basics.

Our list of Apartment Cleaning and Loft & Condo Cleaning Services

Top-to-bottom Dusting

• Dry dusting crown moulding and walls and light fixtures—we want to get all the cobwebs and big dust bunnies out of there!
• Wipe ceiling fans if reachable on a two step ladder, or dry dust with an extension pole
• Dry dust or wet wipe blinds and window sills depending on level of dirt
• Full dusting of furniture and personal items
• We also wet wipe and scrub baseboards, handrails, doors and white wood trim throughout the home if needed. Usually, these areas are thoroughly detailed during the initial cleaning.

Detailed Kitchen Cleaning

• Dust and wipe all surfaces
• Clean the outside of cabinets (insides of cabinets can be added upon request)
• Scrub and polish countertops
• Disinfect and scrub the sink
• Clean the outside of the fridge, and stove (inside of fridge and oven can be added upon request)
• Polish all stainless steel surfaces
• Clean the microwave inside and out
• Clean the outside of the trash can and empty trash
• Vacuum and mop all floors
• And all other surface that have marinara spills and banana hand prints!

Sparkling Fresh Bathrooms

• Full top to bottom dusting
• Dust lights and fixtures
• Clean mirrors and interior glass
• Scrub and disinfect sinks
• Scrub countertops and outside of pedestal sinks
• Wipe and clean personal items such as soap dispensers and toothbrush cups.
• Clean the outside of cabinets
• Inside and out toilet cleaning and disinfecting
• Thorough shower and tub scrub to remove as much soap scum, mold and mildew as possible. We use elbow grease, scrubbing powder and a brush for detailed grout cleaning.
• Clean the glass and polish the chrome
• Remove the trash and replace liners
• Vacuum and mop the floors

Fresh Bed Linens

Did you know that we sleep better when our bedrooms are comfortable and clean? Leave clean sheets out for us and we’ll change and make your beds. You’ll have ‘clean sheet day’ along with your ‘clean house day!’

Thorough Vacuuming of Your Entire Space

We don’t use brooms, as we prefer our awesome backpack vacuums with 4 HEPA air filters. It does a bang-up job of removing pet dander, pollen, dust, hair, dirt and any other unwanted particles. We also use our vacuum attachment to vacuum upholstered couches inside and out to remove hair, cheerios, crumbs and dust, plus get under any furniture with a 4” floor clearance which makes getting all of Whisker’s hair balls out from under your bed a breeze! We’ll even pick up rugs that are smaller than 4’x6’ and vacuum underneath.

Mopping All Hard Floor Surfaces

We have several methods of cleaning floors depending on floor type, your personal preferences, and the level of foot traffic in your home. Each home gets a clean and disinfected mop head for best results. We use several different products ranging from old-fashioned vinegar and water, Murphy’s Oil soap, The Bona floor cleaning system and an Lavender Essential Oil soap that smells Ahhh-mazing!

Final Details

We’ll fold the towels, fluff the pillows, stack the papers, straighten the curtains… Make it pop and look like a magazine!

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